RELENTLESS was formed on January 8, 2012 through the merging of two churches: Sanctuary of Praise and Word of Life Outreach Center. They came together for three reasons; to form a stronger church, to allow them to have greater ministry, and to show unity among churches in our community.

The name RELENTLESS was chosen to express the attitude both churches expressed throughout the years as they went though struggles that would cause many to throw in the towel. Yet, they persevered and kept pushing forward. It also represents the feelings of our God who has relentlessly pursued us even when we choose to go in a different direction from Him. Now we want to be known as a group of people who are relentless toward our God and to the people of our community.

RELENTLESS takes an informal approach to church that isn't concerned with external looks, but with applying the grace of Jesus to one another as we passionately worship, teach, and serve others. This way we live out what we believe.

Our motto at RELENTLESS is: Love God. Love People. Through this we believe we fulfill Deuteronomy 6:5 and Mark 12:30-31. We first love God with everything we have and then we love our neighbor as ourselves. Simplified we say: Love God. Love People.

Each week we gather together to love often, smile frequently, and learn wholeheartedly. We understand God’s word to be the center of teaching and in the Holy Spirit as the power in our life. Therefore we call ourselves a word and spirit church. We are multi-denominational allowing everyone to call themselves what they want yet worship together. We dress casually but worship passionately.

We believe that in our Essential Beliefs, there should be unity, Ephesians 4:4-6. In Non-Essential Beliefs, there should be liberty, Romans 14:1, 4, 12. In All Our Beliefs, there should be a maintaining of love toward each other, 1 Corinthians 13:2.